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To start an own business  takes a lot of courage and effort. The project helps with the challenges of being an entrepreneur. We will help young entrepreneurs to understand what it needs to lead a business. Personal skills, explanation of the ‘world of business’, offering the right services. We will help to develop the right skills and competences so the starting entrepreneurs will be able to grow towards a sustainable organization. With different training modules and a diversity of presentations we offer a wide range of support. We use blended learning in our offering. From the ‘traditional’ workshops and training meetings to ‘on-line instruction’ for self-study, training on the job and personal coaching sessions. In a close balance for every candidate.

Courses for "EMPLOYMENT"

Personal leadership
How to manage yoursef
Personal leadership has to do with personal insight and knowing how to act in the day-to-day business
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Courses for "ENTREPENEUR"

Marketing & Sales
How to be succesfull in business
Marketing a base for succesful business
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Management development
Adapting changes
As the business evironment changes, organisations need to adapt
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Strategic management
Guiding your organization
Strategy is aiming for a fit between the organization and her environment
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