About us


Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges for youth in the urban outskirts of Cape Town. The lack of quality education and a demotivating environment is taking its toll on the youth. That is why we have created the Centre for Training, Entrepreneurship & Employment Cape Town (CTEE Cape Town) to train, educate and mentor young, unemployed high potentials. To start from the township of Philippi we will extend to other places. 


It is not just about upliftment, empowerment and education, it is also about motivating the young adults with the guarantee of a job or an own small business after their learning experience. They will be thought to set career goals, see themselves as change makers and dream big dreams. We will be joining forces will a lot of partners and stakeholders.



We have identified 5 aims that are essential to accomplishing our mission:

  • OwnPowerment: Holistic empowerment of underprivileged youth (economical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual) with the objective to take Ownership of their lives;
  • Enablement of youngsters to become agents of change in the community;
  • Active involvement of community members;
  • Poverty reduction;
  • Contribution to a fair society, including gender equality;


To fulfill our mission and aims, we commit ourselves to:

  • Initiate and provide facilities for skills training, coaching and tutorials for youth and their future teachers;
  • Provide and maintain ‘small-, mini- and medium-enterprise’ facilities for participants;
  • Make projects self-sustainable;
  • Fully engage with local communities by providing information and facilities;
  • Create networks with local business and industry;
  • Establish partnerships with similar organizations to strengthen our case through joint lobbying;
  • Promote replication of our projects and methodology (*with governmental and non governmental authorities)